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The Equality Act 2010 prohibits employers from discriminating against employees because of their age. The legislation is quite far reaching and will even protect job applicants and trainees from being discriminated against because of their age, and not just current employees.

Age Discrimination & the Equality Act

Age discrimination can happen in lots of different ways, but the Equality Act prevents any of them from happening. Age discrimination does not only cover instances where an individual is treated less well because of their age or because of the age of people that they associate with at work. If a particular age group in singled out by an organisations policy that is meant to be of general application, this will also amount to age discrimination. Furthermore, where someone is subjected to negative behaviour because of their age which has a detrimental effect on them or their working environment, this will contravene the Equality Act. The legislation also states that where someone is treated less well because they have made a complaint about age discrimination in the past, or supported someone else's claim, this will also amount to age discrimination.

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We at Employment Law Glasgow would suggest that anyone who believes that they have been the subject of Age Discrimination should raise this with their employer, in the first instance. If however an employer fails to take the concern seriously, the team at Employment Law Glasgow will be able to advise on how to bring a claim of Age Discrimination before an Employment Tribunal. To contact us, please call 0141 4137 707.

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