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airdrie-employment-lawyers-ukWhether you have been discriminated against, bullied or harassed, you are not alone -  many people are mistreated in the workplace. Thankfully there is something you can do, and our team of solicitors are here to help you. 

As Employment Law Glasgow we are known for our high customer satisfaction levels and success rate, however, we also provide legal advice and representation to employees and employers who may require as Employment Law Glasgow, specialising in employment cases.

If you require legal advice on settlement agreement, an unfair dismissal claim, a discrimination case, wage loss claims, equal pay cases or any other employment law matter, our team of skilled solicitors will be able to help and obtain the compensation you deserve.

Employment Lawyers Airdrie

At Employment Law Glasgow, we are here to help our clients negotiate through the numerous difficulties that can arise as a result of an employment issue. We know that taking legal action can be daunting, especially if it involves an employer. Therefore, we look to be flexible and accommodate any questions our clients may have, and keep them up to date on the developments in the case.

Many people are unaware of their rights as an employee and do not take legal action over fear of being dismissed. If you do take legal action against an employer, they cannot dismiss you for enforcing your legal rights or they may face further legal repercussions. While we know it can be daunting to go through such legal proceedings, our team of solicitors live up to the highest standard of solicitors that you would expect from a nationwide firm. If your working life is being made a misery by employers or co-workers, can you really afford to not take legal action?

It is important to note that many employment cases do not go all the way to court but rather get settled via a settlement agreement or a work tribunal. Settlement agreements can involve a series of lengthy negotiations but can be beneficial to both parties. This can be a very overwhelming process to those who do not have any experience with the law.

Our team of lawyers will be able to inform you of the best way to handle certain aspects of your employment case and get the best deal for you. Therefore, we strongly advise that if you are offered a settlement agreement, that you contact your solicitor as soon as possible.

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At Employment Law Glasgow, we can help investigate claims, launch inquiries and liaise with witnesses in order to build the strongest case. We pride ourselves on being approachable and accommodating to your needs.

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 If you have been harassed, bullied or been offered a settlement agreement, our team of skilled solicitors can give you the advice and legal representation you require to get the best possible outcome. Call our team of employment solicitors on 0141 280 3925 or fill in our online contact form.


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