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Race Discrimination Advice Glasgow

Employers operating in the UK are prohibited from engaging in race discrimination and are obliged to ensure that there are no such practices within their organisation. The rules against race discrimination are comprehensive protecting not only an individual's nationality and ethnicity, but also their position when looking to be considered for promotion at work. The legislation that prohibits race discrimination in the workplace, the Equality Act 2010, recognises that discrimination can occur in several different ways.

Direct Discrimination

Direct Discrimination will occur where someone believes that they are being treated poorly by their employer because of their race. Instances of Direct Discrimination are quite varied and can include situations where someone is treated less well because of the race of the people that they are associated with in the workplace. 

Examples of direct discrimination include: 

  • Where an employee is not promoted because they are of Afro Caribbean origin;
  • Where an employee is subject to harassment because their partner is black African;
  • Where an employee is prevented from attending training because they are thought to be of Asian origin.

Indirect Discrimination

Instances of Indirect Discrimination include occurrences where an organisations policy is described as being one which applies equally to all employees, but has a significant adverse impact on individuals of a particular racial group. 

Examples of indirect discrimination include: 

  • Requiring all employees to have English as a first language
  • Demanding that qualifications come from a UK-based educational establishment


Harassment will take place where someone becomes the target of harmful behaviour in the workplace because of their race. This kind of behaviour can either negatively impact the environment that an individual works in, or has an adverse impact on the individual themselves.


An instance of racial victimisation is where someone is treated negatively because they had previously made a complaint regarding race discrimination, or they have aided someone else in pursuing a complaint of race discrimination in the workplace.

Can I bring a race discrimination claim? 

There are a wide variety of circumstances which may give rise to a race discrimination claim, including: 

  • The decision-making process for hiring including shortlisting candidates and interviews
  • When providing the terms under which employment is offered
  • Refusing to offer employment
  • When providing access to opportunities such as training, transfers, promotions, travel, perks, benefits or facilities
  • Dismissal or performance management

If you have suffered race discrimination under any of these circumstances, we can help. 

Our lawyers understand the sensitive nature of race discrimination cases and that the thought of making a claim against your employer or your previous employer can seem daunting. We can provide the support, understanding and expertise you need to succeed in bringing your claim. 

Are there any circumstances where race discrimination is lawful?

There are very limited circumstances where your employer may be able to argue that giving favourable treatment to a particular race is lawful. There are generally two exceptions to race discrimination protection: 

  • Where an employer identifies a situation where a specific race is underrepresented in the workplace, they may encourage members of a certain race to apply by providing training, or through advertising. In order for this favourable treatment to be lawful, the employer must be able to show that in the preceding 12 months, there have been very few or no individuals of a certain race carrying out the type of work being promoted. 
  • Where for the job in question, being of a certain race is an occupational requirement. This is uncommon, and there are far fewer jobs where being of a certain race is an occupational requirement compared to where being of a certain sex is an occupational requirement. 

How much compensation could I receive for a race discrimination at work claim? 

If you feel you have been discriminated against because of your race, you may be entitled to compensation for injury to feelings as well as measurable financial losses. There is no limit to how much you might be able to claim if you can successfully prove that you have suffered race discrimination in the workplace. Your claim may include:

  • Compensation for loss of past earnings
  • Compensation for future loss of earnings
  • Compensation for loss of pension
  • Outlays associated with the discrimination
  • Compensation for injury to feelings
  • Interest

The compensation you may be able to claim for injury to feelings can vary greatly and will depend on the extent to which the discrimination has affected your personal life. 

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There are very few exceptions to the prohibition of Race Discrimination in the workplace. Moreover, the defences to claims of race discrimination that do exist are very particular and only apply to specific situations. If you are concerned that you have been the object of Race Discrimination in any way, please contact us.

We at Employment Law Glasgow are very familiar with the equality legislation in the UK and are regularly involved in advising people who believe that they have been the subject of Race Discrimination in the workplace. We will work with you to try and address the situation, and represent you at an Employment Tribunal if this is needed.

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Race Discrimination Lawyer Glasgow 

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