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Based in Glasgow City Centre, Employment Law Glasgow provide expert legal advice to employees involved in any  redundancy situation.  More and more businesses are requiring to consider redundancies given the current challenging economic times. We can advise you on redundancy procedures including selection for redundancy, redundancy payments including enhanced payments, entitlement to notice, holiday pay and other financial issues. We also advise you on whether a settlement agreement  would be a more practical way to proceed. Our Glasgow employment lawyers also provide a number of services related to redundancy e.g:

Redundancy can be a traumatic experience for all involved.  Good clear legal advice on the process is essential.  Employment Law Glasgow has the experience and the expertise to help all those involved.

Employment Law Glasgow can provide employees all with your redundancy advice. Speak to one of our Glasgow solicitors today on 0141 4137 707.

What is Redundancy ?

In general redundancy takes place when a business ceases to trade or restructures and an employee's position no longer exists or is no longer required. i.e. has been made redundant. Our lawyers are seeing an increase in circumstances where companies are seeking advice on whether redundancy is appropriate. Employees are also seeking advice when faced with the prospect of a redundancy situation.

Am I Eligible for Redundancy Payments?

Normally to qualify for redundancy payments an employee needs to have been in continuous employment for at least 2 years prior to  being made redundant. However, some workers are excluded from this rule and you should contact Employment Law Glasgow to establish your status.

Statutory Redundancy - How much?

As a guide your minimum statutory redundancy payments are:

  • Half a week's pay for Half a week's pay for each complete year of service below the age of 22
  • One week's pay for each year between 22 and 40
  • One and a half week's pay for each year above the age of 41

Again certain other circumstances can factor into this calculation such as part time and full time work. Contact your Glasgow employment lawyers at Employment Law Glasgow for advice on calculating what you should be due.

What are my Redundancy Rights?

Your employment contract should provide for details of your rights if you are faced with redundancy. In general you are entitled to work an agreed period of notice, take gardening leave or receive your wages in lieu of notice. At  Employment Law Glasgow  your local employment lawyers can explain all your rights at redundancy, examine your contract and guide you through your options. Contact us on 0141 4137 707 for assistance.

Use our online form or call: 0141 4137 707

We have years of experience helping employees in Glasgow with all their employment Tribunal needs. You will speak to a legal advisor when you call.

Redundancy Lawyer Glasgow

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