For most people, being in employment often ranks high on their list of priorities. A job gives people purpose, and a salary allows them to meet the many costs of daily life. The framework of the employment relationship; salary; hours of work; job description; and holiday entitlement are among many of the things that should be included in an employment contract.

Wage Loss Claims

If you are owed money by your employer, you may be able to make an arrears of wages claim, and our lawyers can help. We understand that being owed money you have worked for may be causing you significant worry and financial pressure, so we strive to make the process as straightforward as possible for you. To discuss your case with an employment lawyer who can help, call us today on 0141 280 3925 or complete our online enquiry form and we will get back to you without delay.

Owed wages by your employer? Our Glasgow employment lawyers can help. 

Where you are owed unpaid wages, you may be able to make a successful claim at an Employment Tribunal where you can prove: 

  1. That you are or were a worker. Those who are self-employed cannot bring a claim. For example, hairdressers who rent a chair in a salon may not bring a claim against the salon. 
  2. The money owed can be claimed in an Employment Tribunal i.e is related to employment. A personal debt owed to you by your employer cannot be claimed. 
  3. You are legally entitled to the money you are claiming. This means proving that you worked the hours in question and that you were not paid for them. You can also make a claim where your employer prevented you from working hours you were contracted to work. 
  4. Your employer had no legal right to make deductions from your pay or to withhold pay. 

In order to prove your claim at an Employment Tribunal you will need to provide evidence of the above. It can be useful to your case where you have paperwork available including: 

  • Relevant wages slips
  • Time sheets
  • Your bank statements that prove the money owed to you didn't go into your account.

Where you do not have this paperwork available, you should ask your bank and your employer to provide you with copies. You have a legal right to a copy of your payslip and where your employer refuses to provide this, the are in breach of employment law. Failure to provide a payslip when requested may be used against them in an employment tribunal case. 

Time limits for bringing a claim

If you wish to bring an arrears of wages claim it is important to act quickly. You must bring your claim within three months of the last time your employer did any of the below: 

  • Did not pay you when they were supposed to
  • Made unauthorised deductions from your pay 

In addition, any claim you bring can only cover deductions or arrears made in the previous two years, determined by the date you bring your claim. 

Contact our Arrears of Wages Solicitors, Glasgow 

If your employer owes you money, there is no time to delay, get in touch with our experienced and understanding employment lawyers today. . To discuss your case with an employment lawyer who can help, call us today on call us today on 0141 280 3925 or complete our online enquiry form and we will get back to you without delay.

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