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Workplace Harassment & Bullying Advice from Employment Law Glasgow

Workplaces can be tough environments. However behaviour should remain within acceptable limits. If you  are being  demeaned or belittled at work, you may be a victim of workplace harassment and Employment Law Glasgow can help.

Harassment normally is unwanted conduct or attention on grounds that include:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Colour
  • Ethnic or national origin
  • Race
  • Religious belief or some other philosophical belief, sex and sexuality

UK Employment law offers protection against this if you feel your dignity is being made to suffer at work and think it may be harassment contact Employment Law Glasgow lawyers today on 0141 4137 707, we CAN help.


With bullying the legal postion can be more complex, again you are protected by law but in the first instance you should seek expert legal advice and in Glasgow that can be found at Employment Law Glasgow.

In general bullying is seen as behaviour which is offensive, intimidating, malicious and insulting. It can be behaviour that is designed to undermine and humiliate the victim. Again speak to one of our Employment Law Glasgow solicitors if you think you are being bullied.

We are based in Glasgow city centre, If you are looking for some initial advice on harassment or bullying  call on 0141 4137 707.

Use our online form or call: 0141 4137 707

Employment Law Glasgow is NOT a referral site.  We are a local Glasgow based law firm with years of experience helping workers in Glasgow who have been harassed or suffered at the hands of bullies. You will speak to an expert Employment Law lawyer when you call. We look forward to hearing from you.


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