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Gender discrimination is illegal in the UK, under the Equality Act 2010. The legislation is very comprehensive and prevents employers from operating discriminatory practices in all dealings with employees, ranging from interviesecureg for recruitment through to promotion to a more senior position.

The team at Employment Law Glasgow are very familiar with the terms of the Equality Act 2010, and have a lot of experience in assisting people who believe that they have been the subject of Gender Discrimination. Any employer operating in the UK is required by law to ensure that their employment policies treat individuals fairly and equally, regardless of whether they are male or female.

Gender discrimination can occur in different ways, and the law guards against all of these from happening in the workplace;

  • Direct Gender Discrimination – this will happen where an employee is treated less well because of their gender, or because of the gender of people that they associate with at work.
  • Indirect Gender Discrimination – instances of indirect discrimination can include where some kind of working practice or policy is supposed to apply to all employees but has an identifiably detrimental impact on people of one gender.
  • Harassment – this will happen where an individual is the object of unfavourable behaviour because of their gender. This can either have a negative impact on the individual themselves, or the environment that they work in.
  • Victimisation - An instance of Victimisation is where someone is treated negatively due to the fact that they had previously made a complaint regarding Gender Discrimination, or they have aided someone else in pursuing a complaint of Gender Discrimination in the workplace.

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If an employee believes that they have been the subject of Gender Discrimination, we at Employment Law Glasgow would always advise that they bring this to their employer's attention. The matter should be addressed informally where possible. However, if someone believes that their situation should be brought to the attention of an Employment Tribunal, the team at Employment Law Glasgow will be able to help. Our specialist Employment lawyers are well regarded in the field for their expertise in dealing with discrimination cases, and will be able to advise on how best to pursue your claim.







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